Case 1: Noctua


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The Noctua system is created to efficiently handle declarations and declared products. We developed the system for Möbelfakta. Möbelfakta is a reference and labeling system for furniture. Möbelfakta works as a tool for producers, buyers, designers, architects and others who use or work with furniture. Möbelfakta is a unique sustainability label for furniture that takes into account both quality, environment and social responsibility. It is a general reference system open to all. Möbelfakta Sverige AB is owned by IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute and TMF, The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry.
They previously had Excel files and Word files for this purpose. The system is built in FileMaker and contains several tables. Examples of tables are Products, Companies, Declarations etc. The system was developed by Henrik Riccius and the first version was created in 2013. The system has been developed with more functions over the years.

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The main view in Noctua is the list of products. Noctua generates various files and reports and updates the product catalog at the website, The system also has functions for invoicing.
The e-declaration is the module that is accessed via the web where companies can log in and fill in declarations. They get a good overview of all their declared products. In addition to theese functions, there is a section for courses and course participants as well as a message center in Noctua that can be used to send emails to declarants and the CEO about the status for an e-declaration. Email is also created automatically by Noctua with information about the status and events for a declaration.

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Processing declarations manually was literally a full-time job for one of the employees and limited Möbelfakta's ability to grow and adapt to increasing popularity. They needed a way for companies to submit automatically validated information in declarations (in web forms) and to get an overview of their products, declaration and their status.

Successful Solution

We built a flexible administrative system and a modern website powered by AppDrag that allows Möbelfakta's customers to enter declarations for furniture online. Those declarations are then synced automatically to the FileMaker application with all the information validated so that confirmation can be processed in a timely manner. Möbelfakta can also use their FileMaker application to update any of their thousand products to the website with the click of a button, and customers can update their information directly on the website.



With the flexible custom fit FileMaker system, Möbelfakta is able to process declarations more than 3 times quicker than they could before, allowing the organization to focus on growing furniture demands for the future instead of wasting time on manual data entry. In fact, for the first time in 10 years, Möbelfakta and the furniture producers are able to get real-time feedback on the status of every declaration, allowing them to more accurately understand the process. The modern look and feel of the new website also opens the door to attracting customers for the goods/furniture. See

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Case 2: Formic


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Managing market statistics

Formic is a system for collecting market statistics from companies. The system can send out emails with a link to a web form. After logging in, the company's previously entered forms and possibly new unfilled ones are shown. When filling in a form, there are input controls of several types, which means that mistakes can be avoided.

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The system generates several different types of reports, including reports in pdf format. It is also possible to order a module for interactive reports with diagrams and pivot tables so that the end users can analyze the situation more in detail themselves.

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