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Vektor is an IT consultancy that develops and sells user-friendly software. The company’s expertise stretches back to 1992, and has focused on developing databases, as well as creating the user interface (UI/UX).

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Vektor produces systems for management of digital information. We build custom-made business information systems to streamline procedures, allowing customers to concentrate on their underlying business and boost their competitiveness, efficiency and productivity.


Our philosophy is to understand the end user, as well as the process and workflow of the business before putting together and integrating the most appropriate software package. We have delivered solutions to large and small clients with diverse needs. We work closely with business owners to give them the competitive advantage of a well thought-out information systems strategy without the cost of impractical enterprise-level solutions. Our clients often turn to us to build their entire mission-critical business management system. We have experience in customized application development, business databases, industrial automation, web applications, apps for tablet and smartphones, task management, project management, health care software, time accounting, order and billing systems, reservation systems, and more. Our business model is built around a unique development process and many systems have been delivered in matter of days, not months.

We are a Claris Partner (former FileMaker Business Alliance). Read about our case studies.



The Journalsystem File it is developed in close collaboration with the County Council in VGR (Gothenburg Healthcare) and a number of doctors and physiotherapists. Version 1.0 is delivered to ten practitioners.


A system for time reporting and invoicing is being developed for a consultancy firm.


A web-based library database is being developed for Tetra Pak. The system is used on Tetra Pak's intranet globally.


An administrative program for property management is developed. File it! journal system is adapted to the County Council VGR's new reporting via the internet.


Switchcore AB orders an internet-connected database for product information.


A large number of care providers order File it, journal system when financial support is given from the County Council for the purchase of computer programs that are adapted for reporting via internet. A new module for File it is developed for caregivers who work with acupuncture.


After a collaboration, File it is linked to the Mobilus and Physiotools systems.


Version 3.0 of File it journal system is launched. A user survey gave many good tips on how the program could be developed.


Many new professions order File it and it is adapted to different specialist care providers. From ophthalmologists, psychologists and psychotherapists to podiatrists.


A support tool is developed and installed. End customers can now be offered support with remote control of the computer.


The journal system File it is redesigned and adapted to Windows Vista and Mac OS X. Many new features are implemented and the program has reached version 4.


The journal system File it is adapted to more County Councils, including Region Skåne. Now you File it can be used for reporting to VG-Region, Sörmland, Östergötland, Uppsala, Gävleborg, Dalarna, Region Skåne, Halland, Jönköping.


Journal program File it is adapted to Jämtland County Council.


Vector moves to a new office on Götgatan 15 and the website is redone. A new case management system is being developed for a department at Svenskt Näringsliv/Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.


File it is adapted to the County Council in Kalmar County and their system Lisbet. It is also adapted to VG-Region's format for Vårdval Rehab and to the ARV format (sll/RS).


The journal system File it gets several new reporting functions. Vektor develops the case management system Noctua for Möbelfakta (TMF).


File it is adapted to Region Norrbotten formerly Norrbotten County Council) and their AVIR system. Noctua is further developed. Möbelfakta's website is now updated automatically. SLL / Region Stockholm orders several IT systems, including systems to SÖS.


Vektor is developing a new system, Formic, for collecting and managing market statistics. The system handles e-mails, web forms, report generation, etc. and the first customer is Svenskt Näringsliv/Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.


The File it journal system gets many new features and a new user interface.


Vektor further develops the Noctua system that Möbelfakta uses. The entire website mobelfakta.se is redesigned.


Vektor is developing a new system for simulating hospital wards. The website mobelfakta.se is updated ..


We develop systems for all platforms and the web.


Please contact us, if you want.

Phone: +46 707 727802

Email: info@vektor.se

Address: Götgatan 15, 116 46 Stockholm, SWEDEN

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